For more than 50 years, Nektar has taken legions of fans on audio-visual journeys to far reaches of the universe and the depths of the ocean with their immersive blend of sight and sound. These prog-rock pioneers have been champing at the bit to get back on the road and are excited to announce they will tour America’s Northeast and Midwest this June, with many more dates scheduled through the summer 2024.The 2022 “Vinyl Sides Live” Tour marked Nektar’s eagerly awaited return to the road, spotlighting some of the best-loved “album sides” from their evergreen catalog, as well as 2020’s acclaimed release, “The Other Side”. Now with the release of Journey to The Other Side Live in Dunellen” A DVD/CD a 21/2 hour live show, plus a new album “Mission to Mars” coming out in May 2024. There will be lots of new music and old classics to play and freshen each tour date

Nektar has captured the imagination and admiration of listeners the world over with their multi-media concerts, melding a jam-band vibe with superb musicality and a visual cornucopia that perfectly complements the performance. A Nektar show is an unparalleled feast for the senses.

Formed in Germany in 1969 by British expats, Nektar soaked up the musical freedom they found in their new home, favoring extended compositions and concept albums over the constraints of pop. They were among the originators of the progressive rock movement of the 1970s as well as the jam-band scene that arose from it. Their sound traveled well to the States, where they enjoyed Top 40 success with “A Tab in the Ocean” (1972) and Top 20 with“Remember the Future” (1973). Nearly 20 albums and a half-century later, the band’s artistic and personal charisma has earned them masses of devoted fans, who have flocked to festivals such as NearFest and ProgStock, and venues like the Wildey Theatre (where they perform multi-night sold-out shows) to indulge their passion for the Nektar experience.Currently, Nektar features original member Derek ‘Mo’ Moore (bass guitar, vocals), Ryche Chlanda (guitar, vocals) from the 1978 Nektar band, Kendall Scott on keyboards and Jay Dittamo on Drums. The Bands digital wizard, Jay Petsco, will take care of the visual environment. Both Kendall Scott and Jay Dittamo were in Ryche Chlandas Flying dreams. Kendall is now with the band for 4 years They will be joined onstage by Maryann Castello on backing vocals, and Maryann will also oversee merchandise sales and VIP events.

“The Other Side” has been hailed as “an epic concept album” and “the best recording by Nektar since ‘Recycled.’” Mostly written by Mo Moore and Ryche Chlanda in 1978 it was released as a double album in March of 2020 right when COVID hit the United States, taking the band out of circulation for almost 2 years.“The whole album is a love song,” says Mo.It’s also a memorial to friends the band has lost, including fellow founding member Roye Albrighton, who passed in 2016 and Taff Freeman in 2021 and their long-time sound mixer Vinny Schmid.

Since Ron Howden’s passing in September 2023, we have forged ahead with Ron’s designated drummer, Jay Dittamo. We have a new Live DVD from 2023, Ron’s last concert, which is a “must see” and a new album with music written over the past 3 years that we were due to start in September 2023 when Ron died. We will be playing the new music from the new album “Mission to Mars,” music from the 2019 album “The Other Side” as well as “Remember the Future” and assorted songs from the Classic Back Catalog. We will be utilizing the new digital screens where possible for awesome graphics We have reverted to being a 4-piece band again and the sound is fresh. Come see us wherever you can.

Hope to see you there! 

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