The Kenn Morr Duo

The Kenn Morr and long-time multi-instrumentalist, Tom Hagymasi, are touring in support of their new album “Open Field” featuring ten new original songs in the Folk/Rock/Americana style for which the band has become known.

Highlighted by their vocal harmonies and unique instrumentation (guitar, violin, mandolin, accordion, violin and bouzouki) the KMB’s music has been described as “uplifting” seemingly coming “right from American’s heartland…”

The UK’s “Folk Words” wrote: “Life offers some certainties – they include the flow of memorable melodies and deeply-thought themes that permeate Kenn Morr’s mix of folk rock Americana. The Kenn Morr Band serves up a selection of laid-back warmth, involving softly embracing songs and pin-sharp observational lyrics.”

With airplay across the country and Europe (England, Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, among other countries), “Open Field” is set to bring the Kenn Morr sound to new listeners.  



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