Vapor Trail: RUSH Tribute Project

Lauren Cozolino Beachak….vocals
Jonathan Guenthner….drums
Craig Welton … bass/keys
Ray Carrano…. guitar

Vapor Trail is a Rush tribute band made up of four experienced musicians who were always huge fans of the band. While each pursuing their own music careers, they found each other seeking a different route. The lull in the live music industry during the pandemic motivated them to start something virtual. Being in separate states, they recorded their parts safe in their homes and the drummer of the band put it together and produced a video. After the instant band chemistry and the social media reaction, they knew they had something special. The passion continued and they put together 9 videos that can be seen on YouTube. In 2021Vapor Trail’s cover of Spirit of Radio was chosen to be on a Tribute To Neil Peart CD produced in Scotland with other bands around the globe.

Now this year Vapor Trail’s cover of The Analog Kid has been selected to be on a vinyl album tribute to Neil.

    There are currently no upcoming events.