Brunch: Bruce T. Carroll
with Bruce T. Carroll Band
EDT (Doors: 11:00 AM)
Enjoy brunch with free live music from 12-2pm.

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Bruce T. Carroll Band

    With the release of his third album, First Bird To Sing in September 2021, Bruce T. Carroll  (www.brucetcarroll.com) has completed a significant musical hat trick. In the short span of only five years, and in  addition to a busy touring schedule, Bruce has written, recorded and released three highly regarded albums,  including Ruckus and Romance (2016) and Finding You (2018). Throw in the 2020 release of his inspirational single  Lift Your Head Up, and you have a significant body of quality work. 

    First Bird To Sing is distinctive in many ways, recorded live as it was by real musicians (Donald Fagin sidemen  Connor Kennedy, Lee Falco, Brandon Morrison and Will Bryant) in a real studio (The Building in Marlboro, NY), and  in real time (with very little remote tracking). Not an easy feat during a pandemic, but everyone involved emerged in  

    good health, and the album is generating outstanding reviews (“a brilliant album that attacks the dark side with a Tac  flashlight and Hope…”. Chris Spector/Midwest Record)

    First Bird To Sing is also distinctive in that it is a unique compilation of raucous rockers alongside reflective  ballads, with some virtuoso musical performances alongside poignant and very powerful lyrics. And, although the  album was conceived and largely written during a tumultuous political year, Bruce wisely strikes a good balance  between the personal and the political shadings that usually inhabit his work. 

    Bruce spent fourteen years (1999-2013) operating a legendary Larchmont, NY music venue called the  Watercolor Café, where he presented regional and national acts of great renown, as well as new and undiscovered  acts that soon broke upon the national scene. While presenting great music in a beautiful club setting was a labor of  love for Bruce, it often kept him from pursuing his first love and overriding passion: lyric songwriting. Since closing the  Watercolor in early 2014 Bruce has had the time and headspace to plunge back into songwriting and performing,  which had been on hold since his early days playing in the heady NYC music scene of the ‘70’s and ‘80’s. > 

    With the release of Ruckus and Romance, in 2016 (hailed by No Depression Magazine as "devilishly brilliant"  and "intensely beautiful") Bruce T Carroll established himself as an Americana artist with a social conscience and deft  lyrical touch. Using irony and imagery as tools in trade, and a band of great musicians to back him up (Clifford Carter,  David Spinozza, Marc Shulman, Sara Milonovich, Porter Carroll, Lincoln Schleifer, and Joe Bonadio) Bruce made  Ruckus and Romance a distinctive debut, and his song When Two Worlds Collide helped bring the worldwide refugee  crisis into sharp focus. Ruckus and Romance garnered significant airplay worldwide, described by WFUV as "an  accomplished album, attuned to the zeitgeist of the moment". 

    Bruce followed up less than two years later with the release of the six-song EP Finding You. The album is a sort  of lyrical tone poem, with the theme of finding, or regaining, something that had been missing, or lost. The signature  song on the record, Fox in the Henhouse may still be Bruce's definitive statement on the state of the union. Another  song on the record, I Will Never Leave, is an anthemic statement of the intention to resist and, ultimately, to remain.  

    Produced by Andy Stack, Finding You features stellar performances by Stack, Sara Milonovich, Lee Falco, Jeremy  Baum, and Brandon Morrison. 

    In March 2020, Bruce released a powerful new song and video entitled Lift Your Head Up. It was, in essence, a  call to action for people of conscience. It remains a work that represents much that Bruce has sought, through artful  songcraft and powerful music, to convey to the world.