Jun 15 | 8PM
Jun 16 | 7PM
Jun 19 | 7PM
Jun 26 | 7PM
Jun 27 | 8PM
Jun 28 & Jun 29 | 8PM
Jun 30 | 7PM
Jul 3 & Jul 5 | 8PM
Jul 7 | 7PM
Jul 10 | 7PM
Jul 11 | 8PM
Jul 12 | 8PM

Join Us For Food with a Groove

It all began with Daryl Hall’s groundbreaking, Webby-Award series, Live from Daryl’s House. From that simple light-bulb moment came the inspiration for Daryl’s House, the legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s very own restaurant and live music club. Since opening in 2014, Daryl has used the Club not only as a venue for his popular show, but also as the ultimate stage for both performers and their die-hard fans. With a killer sound system and an intimate setting, you’ll feel like you’re chillin’ at Daryl’s actual house!

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